Software Development and Project Outsourcing

MSP Software DevelopmentSoftware Development and entire project outsourcing is a natural extension of our consulting relationship with our clients. Often, we’ve helped them determine their direction. We’ve also helped them train their technology staff, design their architectural approach, and select their tools. We are there to help if our customers need a hand building a solution or want us to outsource the project entirely.

We can help speed time-to-market and lower overall project costs by either assisting development efforts our outsourcing altogether. Our nimble teams can knock-out overflow projects in weeks that would take months or years at many large, bureaucratic, highly-regulated companies.

Likewise, our very experienced, senior resources can also short-circuit many delays when they’re operating as an extension of the team, by handling issues as they arise rather than having to schedule a series of meetings over weeks.

We have a number of flexible options for structuring these consulting engagements. Usually outsourced development pricing is based on the project requirements. Software consulting services augmenting your team are usually priced hourly with volume discounts.


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