Mobile Wallet Strategic Discussions

what has apple jumped intoAs the Financial Services world changes in the mobile age, Financial institutions need to understand what’s worth their time and what will fall by the wayside. Understand how best to plan for the changes by having a grasp on the benefits of acting and the pit falls of not acting.

Understand the Hype.

Everyone knows that when Apple jumps into something, they jump with both feet. They have that innate ability to make anything seem like the next big thing. We have been anticipating the mobile wallet for years and there has been many players come and go. But do we need to give the recent Apple announcements more credibility than perhaps other players have warranted.Phone pay swipe

Alongside Google Wallet and the newly announced CU Wallet, there may be something to all of this now. Here at Mobile Strategy Partners, we think it’s the perfect time to have the conversation so you know what you need to be thinking about for your planning. Everyone needs good, hard facts to make the needed decisions. Lets discuss the following points and how they relate to your FI:

  • Do I need to get into this wallet? If not, then what?
  • What does this mean for Google Wallet? CUWallet? CurrentC?
  • What about Android?
  • How do I add contact-less payments to mobile banking? Do I need to?
  • How do my possible capabilities compare to the big banks that have had custom implementations done for them by the card companies?
  • How do I sign up?
  • How should the iWatch figure into my plans?
  • How does all of this help us open and fund new accounts?

If you would like to understand how best to respond to these new developments, please contact us to set up your briefing.

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