Mobile Strategy Bootcamp™

Mobile Strategy Bootcamp™ consulting engagement can help you find your mobile compass

Our Mobile Strategy Bootcamp™ helps you determine how mobile technology best fits into your overall business goals.

We provide actionable and immediate value regardless of whether your organization is just getting started with mobile or whether you’re planning how best to keep your lead against your competition.

The mobile marketplace is moving so rapidly that timing of bringing mobile features to market is absolutely critical. Spending six months to a year on an unsuccessful feature or product can cost many thousands or even millions in lost opportunity cost, licensing fees, frustrated customers, and wasted resources.

We have two versions of the Mobile Strategy Bootcamp™:

  • Standard Edition
  • Small Business Edition

Both engagements include a market overview presentation and a Mobile Strategy whitepaper documenting your requirements.

Our Standard Edition engagement includes up to 3 days onsite working with your team and meeting with your stakeholders.

We analyze your information and document your requirements in the whitepaper we deliver the following week. We also recommend a shortlist of vendors (if applicable) and score them using our proprietary vendor scorecard that provides a weighted score for each vendor based on your specific requirements.

Your Mobile Strategy Document will include high-level recommendations on key topics relevant to you such as:

  • Integration approach to existing systems
  • Mobile Platforms to support (HTML5, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, RIM, etc.)
  • High-level Timeline
  • Identify Key Mobile Features
  • Key Business Benefits for later use in building ROI and business justification

Our Small Business Edition engagement is designed especially for niche retailers, community banks, credit unions, and other small businesses. This engagement includes one day onsite working with your team. The whitepaper deliverable contains your high-level requirements and basic recommendations specific to your needs.

Many of the same topics are covered as in the Standard Edition but at a higher level.

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