Account Opening Strategy

The best way to take advantage of both new and traditional transaction flows is to acquire new customers. Surprisingly, this area has received very little innovative attention and remains underserved by vendors stuck with 90’s technology and thought processes. On-boarding today consists of little more than taking the new customer forms that have always been used and placing them on a website. The only concession has been to accommodate a smaller form factor.  This has led to abandonment rates of 80-90% even though more and more prospects are attempting a mobile only experience. With more and more money and effort being spent on attracting the new customer to your websites, abandonment rates this high dictate a new approach.

Mobile Strategy Partners has introduced services packages and software solutions that address this glaring gap in the approach to customer acquisition. Through a fresh direction and a technology strategy that embraces mobile capabilities instead of begrudgingly accommodates, we can help you win over the mobile first customer’s next FI decision. Whether your new prospects are finding you at the college orientation event, community day at the park, new employee meetings, at the branch or in front of the TV, you need to make the best use of their time and on-board them as painlessly as possible.

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