Mobile Agent for iPad

Arm producers with client relationship info, product illustrations, and quoting tools in an integrated solution.

Agents and carriers know speed and accuracy are the key to writing more premiums. Agents need to work upcoming ex dates to get accurate and compelling quotes to clients as fast as possible even if they’re not in the office – which is most of the time. Along the way producers need to collect contact, product and relationship information as they network and interact with clients.

Mobile Agent for iPad provides producers mobile access to client relationship information and selling tools.

MSP Mobile Agent for iPad

MSP Mobile Agent for iPad

Key Features

  • Unified CRM, Quoting & Tools
  • Voice search
  • Conversation recording
  • Quick access to notes
  • Trailing documents
  • Dashboard charts & reports
  • Appetite guides & class codes
  • Configurable integration
  • Responsive quoting
  • Mainframe terminal
  • Custom workflows
  • Cross-platform

Key Workflows

  • Contact information with notes in two clicks
  • Easy access to contact personal details
  • Web & mainframe quoting integrations for immediate use while developing tablet & mobile optimized options
  • Quick access to useful agent tools
  • Appetite guides
  • Class Code Tables
  • Brochures
  • Custom illustration & interactive tools
  • Trailing documents & missing document management in contact detail view


  • Standard CRM integrations for popular providers out-of-the-box
    • Siebel
    • SAP
    • NetSuite
    • Microsoft
  • Designed with custom and configurable interfaces in mind
  • JSON or XML
  • REST over HTTPS
  • Provides access to content without waiting for custom integration by embedding mainframe and web access
  • Support for secure end-points using IBM Cast Iron & IBM Secure Endpoint adapters

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