Hybrid Framework

Streamline development by using technologies where they work best


Hybrid development uses JavaScript extensively. However, JavaScript wasn’t designed for large scale multi-developer software architectures. JavaScript is designed to make web pages interactive. Our hybrid framework and design pattern provides simplified JavaScript interfaces for common features and lets you push complicated implementations to native code where typed languages facilitate more maintainable code.

  • —Extends Cordova
  • Completely open approach
  • —Complementary to Worklight & JavaScript libraries
  • —Simplifies JavaScript interactions, speeding development
  • —Provides framework to provide object models for mobile client apps in JavaScript and native mobile OS languages (Objective C, Java, etc.)
  • —Object models reduce complexity significantly
  • —Provides object models for specific projects (ex: CUFX) and promotes development of others
  • —Provides built-in facilities for analytics and customer experience management (CEM)

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