Current Mobile State Assessment


Initiate the process by conducting initial interviews and collecting information regarding the different lines of business and their corresponding support infrastructure.

The objective of this step is to get a high level overview of the business in order to focus later steps in the process. It is necessary to interview one or more representatives who can cover current delivery capabilities, architecture and operations at a high level for the different lines of business.

  • Kickoff meeting with sponsor(s)
    • Validate goals, timelines, constraints, logistics, etc.
    • Validate business units to focus on
    • Identify key contacts in lines of business to interview
    • Gather contact information for key contacts
    • Deliverables: Stakeholder contact info, draft schedule, high-level project details
  • Assess components of existing mobile strategy
    • Review existing documentation
    • Conduct initial interviews, starting the Mobile Inventory process
    • Collect information about each line of business and support infrastructure
    • Interview variety of stakeholders including business and technology
    • Preliminary identification of technology, risk, regulatory, and resource constraints
    • Preliminary identification of obvious, high impact opportunities and risks
    • Initial competitive positioning assessment (current and future projection)


  • Current Mobile State document
  • Initial Mobile Inventory drafts
  • Updated schedule

Mobile Inventory

  • Performed as an overlay process for each initiative
  • Elaborate
    • Products and services offered or tasks performed (employee/agent facing)
    • Customer/user demographics
    • Current offline and online processes
    • Key pain points and goals
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other measurements
    • Cost/revenue impacting tasks outlined in business case module (see below)
    • Existing/anticipated technologies/vendors and their performance
    • Integration points
    • Investigate process from user perspective (interviews, analytics, CEM tools, surveys, focus groups)


  • Mobile Inventory document

Mobile Market Workshop

Provides market data and presents a forum for collecting feedback. This interactive workshop provides mobile business trends specific to your industry at large. In addition, we drill down more deeply into vertical areas touched on during the initial interviews to determine readiness, feasibility and ROI potential.

  • Workshop for teams organized either cross-functionally or by team
  • Mobile business trends and metrics specific to initiative(s) under assessment
  • Competitive overview and positioning
  • Key vendor overview


  • Mobile Market Workshop materials

Ideation: CUSO (Creatively Uncover Strategic Opportunities)

Combines our industry expertise with the information in the Mobile Inventory and Current Mobile State documents to validate our current understanding and uncover creative new opportunities to consider.

  • Creative brainstorming/ideation sessions with business and technology stakeholders
  • Often performed in conjunction with Mobile Market Workshop to optimize schedules
  • Provides an opportunity to interview broader population and validate early interviews
  • Attempt to fill any Mobile Inventory and Mobile Business Justification Framework gaps
  • Recommended for each initiative


  • Strategic Opportunities document
  • Updated Mobile Inventory document

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