Mobile Business Justification Framework

Strategy MethodologyProvides a qualitative structure for evaluating the impact of mobile initiatives and functionality. This framework helps you weigh the various costs and benefits using the information gathered during the Understanding phase. The goal is to focus your strategy on the components that matter the most to your organization so you ultimately make the right long-term decisions.

  • Performed for each initiative
  • Identify KPIs and metrics in other parts of business unit (e.g. online, bricks-and-mortar)
  • Identify tasks that affect cost and/or revenue
  • Calculate project costs
  • Calculate return on investment (ROI)


  • Mobile Business Justification Framework

Mobile Strategy

Leverages everything gathered so far to analyze it all and develop the right approach for the organization, individual projects, and the operating environment. Our experience and this structure guides you through the maze of constraints, technologies, priorities, and myriad of other points to consider.

Through iteration over a combination of workshops, analysis, and consensus building, we provide an actionable mobile strategy assessing organizational readiness and suggesting an approach for each initiative or business line.

  • Identify gaps, needs & key opportunities
  • Target users
  • Channels/Platforms to support
  • Key functionality
  • Competitive status, user requests
  • Identify high priority, low risk projects
  • Solidify People and Objectives for each initiative (there’s more than POST)
  • Analyze opportunities and prioritize for risk/reward
  • Analyze risk exposure
  • Identify hard to defend business case components
  • Vet strategy for negative case, devil’s advocate, outlier impact and likelihood
  • Identify skeptical or unsupportive stakeholders and observers
  • Identify strategies to handle technology & marketplace issues
  • Strategy to support channels/platforms required
  • Strategy to support changing platform support requirements
  • Innovation strategy – how to leapfrog the competition and stay in the lead
  • Development reusability strategy across projects and business units
  • Strategy for common look-and-feel across projects, business units
  • Strategy to handle objections of skeptical or unsupportive entities
  • Hotfix and upgrade strategy
  • Development technology training strategy
  • Sales force & go-to-market training strategy
  • Interaction/integration with social media strategy
  • Device and application management and security
  • Identify short list of technologies and/or vendors to evaluate for any gaps in strategy
  • Iterate
    • with sponsors
    • with select key stakeholders
    • with broad stakeholder community


  • Mobile Strategy document
  • Mobile Roadmap document

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