Provides subject matter expertise through the critical phase of actually delivering results through execution of the mobile strategy. Invariably industry conditions will change and new insight will be uncovered during delivery. Our goal is to help you succeed by guiding you through construction and continually refining the strategic plan.
Mobile Strategy Execution Framework

And of course, the release is just the beginning of the next phase. We’re here to help you assess what you’ve achieved and help you move forward even faster in the future.

Mobile Execution

  • Develop high-level requirements
  • Select vendors and/or technologies required but not in place
    • RFI/RFP creation, if required
    • Vendor selection criteria
    • Vendor short list
    • Vendor interviews
    • Vendor evaluation & proofs-of-concept, if required
    • Vendor scoring
    • Vendor selection with key stakeholders
    • Vendor contract negotiation and process management
    • Develop functional requirements
    • Develop measurement requirements
    • Develop UAT success criteria
    • Develop testing plan (particularly for variations of devices, browsers, connection)
    • Manage construction, unit testing, and functional testing
    • Manage deployment  & early production support


  • Requirements documents
  • Vendor selection deliverables (short list, RFI/RFP, Success Criteria, signed vendor)
  • Testing strategy
  • Measurement plan
  • SDLC deliverables and ultimately running software
    (using your development resources, your partner’s, our ours)

Mobile Measurement & Refactoring

  • Monitor Go-Live & KPIs especially financial performance of intitiatives
  • Monitor Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC)
  • Monitor social media engagement
  • Perform part or all of Understanding steps (see above), including:
    • Competitive analysis
    • Gap and opportunity analysis
    • Roadmap refactoring


  • Revised Mobile Strategy document
  • Revised Mobile Roadmap document

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