Our consulting methodology is our starting point. It is more than the basic POST approach (People, Objectives, Strategy, Technology). While these are obviously important criteria, there are many more moving parts which often require deep understanding and an iterative approach to strategy and execution. This is where our experience takes over.

USE graphic

Understanding–USE interaction to inventory, assess, and educate everyone and everything involved in the initiative

Strategy–USE the Understanding to iterate on the business case and strategy to achieve objectives

Execution–USE the strategy to deliver the right results: measure results and iterate often to improve the strategy, improve execution, improve the result and ultimately the user experience.

About Our Consulting Methodology:

  • Modified Agile process: modular, iterative
  • Combination of consultants on and off-site as needed
  • Blended consulting team – get access to the right resource at the right time
  • Completely configurable – designed to get it done right, with immediate results
  • Customer focused – user experience and achieving initiative goals stays front and center



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