David Eads, Founder

David Eads Mobile Strategy Partners

David has spent much of the last two decades helping organizations improve mobile and ecommerce channels in banking, credit union, retail ecommerce, travel, insurance, and other verticals while helping build the technology startups Kony Solutions, mFoundry and Tealeaf Technology.

David has discussed mobile strategy with hundreds of retailers, banks, credit unions, and airlines of all sizes in almost every region of the world. David has seen example after example of organizations repeating costly mistakes that other companies have made because of the complexity involved with mobile technology and the lack of industrywide expertise within the organization.

Mobile commerce seems deceptively simple, but many of our ecommerce approaches need significant altering to fit the mobile context and target devices. Organizations have little access to objective metrics and best practices relating to mobile. Even the few organizations with extensive mobile experience lack the industrywide perspective mobile consultants with our experience and relationships provide.

While at Tealeaf Technology (now IBM), David helped ecommerce companies increase revenue, lower costs and improve customer loyalty through improved Customer Experience Management. In this role, David got a rare view of the challenges ecommerce executives, business and technical staff face in optimizing electronic channels. A large part of Customer Experience Management involved understanding subtle nuances in the user experience that have significant revenue implications.

As we come to depend upon the revenue from our mobile channels, this expertise is critical to increasing revenue and retaining customers. Additionally, David also has a decade of technical experience developing enterprise software systems in Java, JavaScript and other languages for UNIX, Windows, and other systems.

David is based in Atlanta, GA.

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