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There’s no shortage of mobile ideas. Organizations today often have a mobile roadmap five years deep. The real struggle is to get it through the process – not just coding – but due-diligence, risk assessments, requirements, budgeting and internal consensus building — then some revolutionary mobile innovation happens and you have to start over.

We’ve helped dozens of name brand companies become today’s mobile innovators. Our clients include large financial institutions, retailers, credit unions, mobile startups, manufacturers, and more.

We’re a boutique mobile strategy consulting firm staffed by mobile pioneers with specialists in key disciplines such as: mobile remote check deposit, mobile imaging, alerting, hybrid and cross-platform development, mobile business cases, and enterprise mobility.

We can help with the entire lifecycle:

  • Mobile strategy development & roadmap
  • Mobile business case development & planning
  • RFP/RFI/RFQ development & management
  • Business & functional requirements reviews and development
  • Architecture review & design
  • Software development assistance
  • Outsourced software development
  • Mobile technology training
  • Mobile testing planning
  • Mobile KPI, analytics, and measurement
  • BYOD, MAM, & MDM strategies

We’ll help you get it done right!


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