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The new Financial Services battleground for 2015 will be for new customers, products and transactions. For nearly a decade, the main focus for the digital customer has been in creating the best mobile banking experience to serve the existing customer base. Most of the investment has been spent on innovation in this area. While important, it has been at the cost of customer acquisition and adding to product portfolios. These areas lose their focus with overworked product teams and vendor strategies stuck in the 90’s.

MSP has worked in and consulted to all aspects of financial services, from retail to commercial, from mortgages to auto loans, from mobile to the branch.

This expertise has led us to focus on the areas of the financial institution most poised to accelerate growth but also those most encumbered with heavy workloads and outdated technology. The business keeps asking for more but product teams backlogs often stretch 12-18 months. If this sounds familiar, we can be of great help.

We provide “Surge Capacity” for your product teams to broaden your overall offerings as well as the latest in Account Opening technology to let you on-board new customers as quickly and easily as possible.


We’ll help you get it done right!


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